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Turnkey Design And Build

How an Interior Architecture Can Help With a

Turnkey Design and Build Project

If you are looking to build a new home or building, you may be looking to incorporate a turnkey design and build concept into the construction of your project. A turnkey design and build concept allows the space to be able to be moved into immediately upon completion of construction, without any additional changes being made to the building. This is often used in commercial buildings, when the building is being created with a specific type of tenant in mind. If you are looking to build a home or a new building with this concept in mind, an interior architecture can help to make that happen.


An interior architecture can work with the construction crew to come up with a turnkey design and build plan for your building. This includes the construction plans and the plans for the finishes of the building. By the time the construction is completed, you or your new tenants will be able to move into the space, making it move-in ready. This is ideal because many people spend time completing new construction to ensure it will work for them. They may install new floors, paints the walls or have to create new walls to define boundaries and office space. This delays the move-in date and increases the costs associated with the construction project. Taking on these tasks while the project is being constructed and finished helps to minimize expenses and helps to ensure the space is move-in ready the day construction is complete.


Are you ready to begin working with an interior architecture to ensure your construction project has a turnkey design and build during the construction project? Contact us at Interiors With Art, located in London, UK to get started.

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